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Sundays, March through mid-June, 2005 in San Francisco

         This is an anti-racist training workshop for grassroots social
justice activists who want to work for racial justice and challenge white
privilege in all their social justice work. It is a project of the
Challenging White Supremacy Workshops of San Francisco.

GOALS:  The workshop will introduce participants to:
         * An historical analysis of the U.S. white supremacy system and the
legacies of resistance to white supremacy in communities of color;
         * An historical, institutional analysis of white privilege, its
intersections with other systems of oppression, and its effects on social
justice movements;
         * Analyses, strategies and practices of some Bay Area grassroots
racial justice work;
         * Examples of some Bay Area anti-racist organizing in predominantly
white social justice movements; and
         * Practicing and modeling respectful and accountable behavior in
all our anti-racist work.

WHEN AND WHERE: The workshop will meet on Sundays from 4pm to 7:30pm in
San Francisco. The location is near BART and bus stops, and is accessible
by bike.  Car parking is challenging.  The workshop is on the third floor
of a building without elevators.

  DRAFT AGENDA (subject to change)
* Friday night, Sat/Sunday March 5,6 & 7: Orientation+++
         3 hours Friday evening; 5 hours Sat & Sunday afternoons. (3pm-8pm)
         +++ Note different times from rest of workshop sessions.
                                 * March 13: What is White Supremacy?
* March 20: How Mother Earth Became a Piece of Real Estate
* March 27: Legacies of Liberation
* April 3:  Women of Color Feminism and Organizing
* April 10: Creating an Anti-Racist Agenda
* April 17: Challenging State Violence: The 'Heart of Whiteness'
* April 2:  Grassroots Anti-Racist Fundraising
* May 1:    Organizing for Racial and Economic Justice
* May 8:    Shinin' the Lite on White Privilege in Social Justice Movements
* May 15:   Organizing for Immigrant Rights
* May 22:   Anti-racist organizing in mostly white social justice
* June 5:   Anti-Racism and Anti-Imperialism: Palestine Solidarity
* Sat June 11:  Accountability and Solidarity:
* Sun June 12:  Evaluation and Next Steps


         Every participant will be expected to volunteer 6-8 hours per week
in a racial justice organization.  cws will arrange placements for all
participants, unless you are already volunteering or working with a racial
justice organization. A partial listing (as of December 2004) of cws racial
justice placements for Spring 2005 include:
         Books not Bars (a project of the Ella Baker Center for Human
Rights), California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Californians for
Childcare Collective, Critical Resistance, Freedom Archives, Greenaction,
Just Cause Oakland, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, POWER:
People Organized to Win Employment Rights, and  the San Francisco Day Labor

         The workshop program is based on the concept that anti-racist
analysis and practice go hand in hand to create 'reflective action.'
         As a workshop participant, you will have the opportunity to:
* Practice and Model Respectful Behavior' to challenge white privilege;
* Practice small group anti-racist facilitation skills;
* Practice  'Each One Teach One' anti-racist organizing;
* Practice grassroots anti-racist fundraising;
* Strengthen your practice of accountability and solidarity in your
racial justice work; and
* Strengthen your capacities to analyze and discuss different strategies of
grassroots organizing in Bay Area communities of color and in predominantly
white social justice movements.

COSTS:  $10 with application, $125 registration; = $135 total.

         Email 'cws at igc.org' or use application form on the cws website:
         Applications must be received before Saturday Feb. 12, 2005.  Early
registrants will have priority in choosing their cws-arranged racial
justice placements. Applications received after Feb. 12, or after the
workshop limit of 40 is reached, will be put on the waiting list.

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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