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AHP News - December 19, 2003 - English translation (Unofficial)


The Chief of State appeals to all sectors of the country to accept a 
political compromise to resolve the crisis

Port-au-Prince, December 19, 2003 -(AHP)- President Jean Bertrand Aristide 
declared Thursday that he is in favor of exploring more deeply the proposal 
made by last month by the Haitian Conference of Bishops (CEH) as a way out 
of the crisis.

The Chief of State, speaking on national television, declared that he sees 
in this proposal an opportunity to facilitate a compromise among the 
various sectors in conflict.

Mr. Aristide favors dialogue between the government, the Group of 184, the 
Democratic Convergence and Fanmi Lavalas to reach a political compromise 
which he said is indispensable for resolving the crisis.

He issued an appeal for dialogue to the intellectuals of Haiti in order, he 
said, to identify together all that might compromise the health of the 
country's democracy and all that might contribute to its economic growth.

While he declared his respect for the choice of those who do not wish to 
take part in the celebration of national independence, he nevertheless 
deemed it important that dialogue be engaged so as to flesh out the problems.

No single person can save Haiti, hence the necessity of coming together in 
order to do so, he declared.

The president also denounced what he termed a campaign of disinformation 
and denigration orchestrated against the government and the country.

Me. Aristide warned that this campaign wrongs not only the authorities but 
also the country and Haitians in general.

He expressed confidence that despite this campaign of disinformation and 
defamation, the truth will eventually shine through.

Concerning the socio-political situation, the Chief of State once again 
condemned the violence of December 5th at the Faculty of Social Sciences 
and at INAGHEI, when students clashed with members of populist organizations.

He noted, however, that there is a distinct difference between the student 
movement and the action of politicians who are exploiting the student 
movement in an attempt to take power.

Jean Bertrand Aristide said he understands the position of the young 
university students who would like to see a rapid change take place in the 
country, by reason of their critical faculties and their heartfelt beliefs.

"These young students have not experienced the Duvalier dictatorships. It 
is completely normal that they should be unable to see the difference 
between a dictatorial regime and the difficult situation in which Haiti 
currently finds herself.

"We must understand them and accompany them", declared the Chief of State.

Under the presidency for life of the Duvaliers from 1957 to 1986, all 
freedoms were suspended. There was only one political party. Any attempt to 
give birth to new political currents was drowned in blood.

Those who refused to accept the fait accompli were dispatched to Fort 
Dimanche (The Fort of Death) or more commonly they were simply executed. 
The more fortunate ones were sent into exile.

The majority of the media was forced to take refuge by addressing the 
politics of others. Because to criticize the authorities was out of the 

An almost identical situation was the rule during the period of the 
military coup d'Etat led by Raoul Cédras (from 1991-1994).

AHP December 19, 2003  10:30 AM

The Democratic Convergence and the group of 184 reject President Aristide's 
appeal for dialogue and persist in their strategy of taking power

Port-au-Prince, December 19, 2003 -(AHP)- The Democratic Convergence stated 
Friday that in its estimation  no dialogue aiming toward a political 
compromise is possible with President Aristide.

A spokesperson for the political coalition, Micha Gaillard, said that one 
can not engage in dialogue with someone who does not respect his commitments.

According to Mr. Gaillard, the Democratic Convergence is in favor of 
applying those points in the Haitian Conference of Bishops' proposal for 
resolving the crisis that it judges to be positive, but without, he said, 
Aristide being president of the country.

He said that the priority is for mobilization to obtain the departure of 
the President of the Republic and then replacing him with a judge from the 
Court of Cassation.

For his part, a spokesperson from the Group of 184, Jessie Benoît, also a 
member of the Convergence, called the latest statements by President 
Aristide  regarding the Haitian Bishops Conference proposal for resolving 
the crisis "a media show".

According to the wife of CONACOM leader Victor Benoît, the adoption of this 
position by the president is intended for international consumption.

Jessi Benoît declared that from this point on, the course is set for 
mobilization to oust the elected authorities.

Followers of the so-called December 15th resolution who are also calling 
for the taking of power have said that they don't want to hear another word 
about the proposal of the Haitian Conference of Bishops (CEH).

One of the advocates of this resolution, Turneb Delpé, declared that what 
counts above all is the ouster of the president.

According to Turneb Delpé, the new political coalition directed by business 
leader André Apaid Junior is preparing to present a new alternative with 
respect to governing the country after the departure of President Aristide.


Some members of Parliament call on the Convergence and the Group of 184 to 
seize the opportunity  for dialogue that is offered to them

Port-au-Prince, December 19, 2003 -(AHP)-The Deputy from Trou du Nord, Rudy 
Hérivaux, said Thursday that all who believe that they can take power 
through a coup d'Etat have gone off the track.

Mr. Hérivaux, reacting to the position taken publicly by the members of a 
group called the December 15, 2002 Operation, declared that it is in the 
group's interest to respond to the appeal for dialogue issued by President 
Aristide if they do indeed wish to make a pragmatic contribution to ending 
the crisis.

According to Rudy Hérivaux, any attempt at a coup d'Etat against President 
Aristide and the population is destined for failure because President 
Aristide is the the most popular leader in the country.

The Deputy from La Gonave, Gilvert Angervil, asked the opposition to seize 
the opportunity offered to it through the call to dialogue issued by the 
Chief of State.

The member of Parliament considered that President Aristide demonstrated 
high-mindedness and patriotism by extending his hand, he said, to the 
opposition and the Group of 184.

Gilvert Angervil asked the leaders of the opposition to renounce option 
zero and to work in favor of the rule of law in the country.

He expressed hope that the Group of 184 would cease the political 
turbulence it has supported for the past several weeks in order to begin a 
serious dialogue with the government about the country's true problems.

AHP December 19, 2003  12:20 PM

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