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Wed Apr 8 10:30:56 EDT 2020

Dear Friends, Family, Comrades and Supporters,

We hope this finds you physically, mentally and spiritually well. During 
this trying time we're particularly thinking about our loved ones most 
affected by covid-19 and send strength and solidarity to those 
collaborating across borders and bars; advocating for our societies' 
most vulnerable and continuing the struggle for self-determination and a 
better tomorrow. As we all continue to adjust to life during a pandemic, 
we wanted to reach out and let you know about ways to stay connected to 
the stories of struggle and resistance.

*Ways to Use Our Archives and Stay Connected:*

*Explore <https://search.freedomarchives.org/search.php?s=> *our 3000+ 
digitized documents. Recently added collections include California 
Prison Struggles; Prison Newspapers and The MLN-M (The Movimiento de 
Liberacion Nacional-Mexicano)

*Watch <https://vimeo.com/user4902578>* the over 80 videos. From 
Cointelpro Extra Features to The Looters in Concert to Interviews with 
Political Prisoners; there's so much so see.

*Use <https://freedomarchives.org/projects/curriculum/>*our curricula to 
learn, teach and facilitate online education! Check out the Symbols of 
Resistance curriculum to pair with the documentary or use as a 
stand-alone resource.

We're still sending out unique and important social movement news and 
information on our *email lists 
<https://freedomarchives.org/get-involved/get-email-updates/>*. You can 
also follow us on *Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/freedomarchives>* 
and check back to our website for updates, new materials and resources.

Nathaniel and Claude

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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