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My name is Helen Ghebreyesus and I’m a senior at San Francisco State 
University majoring in Women and Gender Studies and minoring in Race and 
Resistance Studies and Health Education. This semester I took a class 
called Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color which 
focused on social change campaigns and movements. One of the 
requirements for that class was to volunteer with a grassroots 
organization. I choose Freedom Archives because I was interested in 
learning more about the  hidden histories held there, especially about 
the African continent.


Image from Liberation Through Participation: Women in the Zimbabwean 

During my time at Freedom Archives, I had the opportunity to look at 
collections focusing on national liberation movements in Zimbabwe 
<https://search.freedomarchives.org/search.php?view_collection=321> and 
Looking through journals, pamphlets and other materials, I came across 
unfiltered information produced by the people that participated in the 
liberation struggles, which felt like a privilege because I have never 
seen these materials before. At the same time, I was also engaging in 
discussions about these materials to better understand the historical 
context in which they were created.

Volunteering with Freedom Archives has shown me the importance of  
primary resources and archival materials in terms of understanding 
peoples’ struggles on the African continent. Unveiling this history of 
anti-colonial resistance means making history that otherwise is 
forgotten or untold available and accessible for young people like 
myself to explore and learn from the accomplishments and the setbacks to 
understand the present day.

At the end of my time at Freedom Archives, I applied and was approved to 
teach a class at SFSU with the Experimental College about the Eritrean 
National Liberation Movement. I look forward to using some of the 
materials I found at the archives in my class.

Please help support more of this type of work by *donating* 
<https://freedomarchives.org/donation/> to the Freedom Archives.


Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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