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Mon Aug 4 13:42:56 EDT 2014

  George Lester Jackson - New Video (and Audio)

*This extraordinary video 
<http://www.freedomarchives.org/George%20Jackson.html> is from a 16mm 
film "work print" made in 1971--1972, and includes interviews with 
George Jackson, Georgia Jackson (George and Jonathan Jackson's mother) 
and Angela Davis, while she was still in the Marin County Courthouse 
Jail, before her acquittal. We have not been able to identify the other 
prisoners. As you will see, the film has no titles or other credits. The 
discovery of such amazing, previously unknown historic materials always 
leaves us thrilled and in awe, deepening our understanding of those 
times and affirming the mission of the Freedom Archives.*

    *"You see, that's the whole story of America. They take their
    violence and turn it back around on somebody else.  I don't have to
    talk about American violence, you can look all over the world and
    see American soldiers everywhere, fighting in other people's
    countries and killing them. So if I were running the country, in
    America, I wouldn't open my mouth about violence---as many people as
    they've murdered in Vietnam in the past 10 years and they're gonna
    talk about violence? As many Black people as get killed every day in
    this country and nobody knows or cares---and you tell me about
    violence? How they wiped out a whole nation of Indians and then you
    say something to me about violence---I don't wanna hear it!"*

    *--- Georgia Jackson, from this film - following the assassination
    of her son at San Quentin

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