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  Summer 2012

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for your support of the 
Freedom Archives. We pride ourselves on using 
your contributions wisely and staying true to our 
mission of documenting the struggles of past 
movements and building for future generations.

Our film, COINTELPRO 101, has been an outstanding 
success both nationally and internationally. The 
film won the best documentary award at the Delta 
International Film and Video Festival in 
Cleveland, Mississippi and has been shown 
throughout the United States at festivals, on 
campuses, and in our communities. The film was an 
official selection of the Free Speech Film 
Festival in Philadelphia and was shown recently 
at UC Davis to mobilize students in response to 
the pepper spray attacks by UC Davis police and 
to support other students being prosecuted for 
successfully forcing US Bank off campus.

COINTELPRO 101 was also featured at an event in 
Havana, Cuba hosted by the prestigious Cuban 
institution OSPAAAL­Organization for Solidarity 
with the Peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin 
America. OSPAAL was formed shortly after the 
Cuban Revolution and has been a primary vehicle 
for cultural and political links between peoples 
of the Third World. The event was held to demand 
the release of the Cuban 5 and three Puerto Rican 
political prisoners held in the United States. WHAT AN HONOR!

In a continuing effort to get the film out far 
and wide, Freedom Archives Director Claude Marks 
will be touring London with the film in mid-June!

We are nearing completion of a short video on US 
political prisoner Herman Bell. Herman was 
recently denied parole again­unfortunately not an 
uncommon experience for a longtime political 
prisoner and former Black Panther Party member. 
The video features Herman’s family and 
actor/activist Danny Glover. Our work on the case 
of Herman Bell and his comrade Jalil Muntaqim is 
a continuation of our active support for the San 
Francisco 8. You can read more about Herman at 

Your support also made possible the release of 
the second edition of our Robert and Mabel 
Williams Resource Guide which will be available 
in June. This 84-page book can be used on its own 
or in connection with our audio CD Robert F. 
Williams: Self Respect, Self Defense & Self 
Determination. This is the unique story of a 
lifelong freedom fighter, told though the voice 
of Mabel Williams, his wife and comrade, 
describing their militant struggles with the Klan 
in North Carolina, through exile and organizing 
in Cuba, China, Vietnam, and Africa, and eventually back to the United States.

Make sure that you get a copy for yourself, your 
library, or your organization. The first edition has completely sold out.

It is during these times that we are reminded 
about the importance of preserving the past, and illuminating the future.

We are able to do this ground breaking work only 
with your financial support and our shared 
commitment to the goals of the Freedom Archives.

Our network has grown by leaps and bounds, 
allowing our work to reach movements nationally 
and around the world. We are frequently contacted 
by activists, students, historians, and community 
members who seek to explore and make use of the 
multifaceted resources of the Archives.

Our phones are busier than ever and our volunteer 
staff works hard to classify our growing 
collections­audio, video, and documents­and post 
summaries on our searchable database.

We are in a strong position to continue and build 
on the successes of the past 12 years and to 
ensure that the Freedom Archives is here for 
generations to come. Only you can make that 
possible. Please help us go forward by making a 
or become a monthly sustainer.

We deeply appreciate your support!

Claude Marks

You can also follow us on Twitter @freedomarchives

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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