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Thu Dec 1 16:19:24 EST 2011

Hello Claude:

I sent this morning a long email to Roxanne and to Bill Ayers --and copied
you --unfortunately the email I had for Bill was an old one and it cam back-
if you received this intact, I hope you can forward it to Bill and to
Bernardine, I apparently do not have their present address.  If by any
chance you did not receive it, can you let me know so I can send again ( or
I can stop by and tell you the story).

I am also wondering if you know about the Okinawa events in general, and
about Noriko and Fumiaki in particular.  We had several events at last
Laborfest and I want to continue doing public programs around this to rally
support for Hoshino-san.  And we had an event last Monday at the Japanese

Is it possible that Freedom Archives would be interested in a program
linking those events to the current global occupy movement, and to the
global antiwar movement of the past 60 years?

If you are, can you me (or Steve) know?

Claude, thank you for all your efforts in support of LaborFest and all
movements for global justice.

Mike Daly
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