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Roxanne / Bill:

    40 years ago, on 27 November 1971, in Tokyo's Shibuya District, massive
demonstrations against the VN War and the US Bases in Okinawa were led by
Fumiaki Hoshino; in these demonstrations a wonderful young teacher and
determined war resister, Noriko Nagata, lost her life.  In those
demonstrations a police officer also lost his life.

     Noriko became a legendary person, we were just learning about global
consciousness, just learning about women in the front lines, Noriko became
a symbol for all of that was a genuine inspiration to millions of people
who have came after her.  In order to honor her, we are circulating this.

Noriko Nagata - teacher and war

     Five years after the demonstration in Tokyo, and after fierce protests
against military presence in Okinawa, the State began murder one charges
against Fumiaki Hoshino, and without any evidence, imprisoned him.  Our
brother, Hoshino-san, is now the longest held political prisoner --37
years.  We are determined to organize world-wide for his liberation, and
the re-unification of Fumiaki with his wife Akiko.  Of course, Hoshino-san
was a brother in spirit with our own political prisoners, especially

wild poppies Marilyn Buck <http://animoto.com/play/G9U1fdtW2jsE7YW1x1zwvQ>

     I am asking that you circulate this story among your worldwide
networks, and that you ask Bernardine and everyone who was active in
stopping the 1971 military logistics (Napalm B) to remember Noriko and
Fumiaki.  At a time when the Occupy movement is gaining momentum, we must
remember the great courage of Noriko and Fumiaki who occupied US Military
ports and air bases in Okinawa in war times to stop the transfer of Napalm
B from Kadena Air Base to the homes and schools and hospitals and farms of
the VietNamese nation, to prevent VietNamese people from being burned alive.

     Here is a demonstration we held at the Japanese Consulate on the
anniversary of the Tokyo demonstrations which took Noriko's life,

SF Bay Area Activists Gather to Free Political

     Now is the time to unite the global anti-war and occupy movements, no
case exists that is more pertinent to doing that than bringing justice to
Hoshino-san.  Inspired by Noriko, and Marilyn,  I know we can bring Fumiaki
home.  We are 40 years from George Jackson, 40 years from Attica, let's
work together to bring our brother Fumiaki home.

Fumiaki Hoshino
Live like him
Dare to struggle
Dare to Win

mike daly
san francisco
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