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Geronimo Ji Jaga

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Growing up in the Black Nation
from Cointelpro 101 - 2010 - 1:35

My History of Resistance
from San Quentin 1986 - 6:51

Origins of the Black Liberation Movement
from Cointelpro 101 - 2010 - 3:10

Prison & Cointelpro
Pasadena Community College - 1997 2:09

Vietnam & Detroit Rebellion
from Cointelpro 101 - 2010 - 2:56

I'm in it to win!
Pasadena Community College - 1997 - 1:10

Why i was a target
from Cointelpro 101 - 2010 - 1:43

Keep on pushin'
from Cointelpro 101 - 2010 - :20

Special on Don Cox & Geronimo Ji Jaga
July 11, 2011



Geronimo Ji Jaga is released in 1997 - news footage from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Geronimo Ji Jaga from Cointelpro 101 from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Geronimo Ji Jaga on Black Liberation from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Geronimo Ji Jaga on self defense from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

"Release" footage is from 1997. The San Quentin interview is from 1986 in the prison by Lisa Rudman, Judy Gerber and others. The most recent interview was done for Cointelpro 101 in San Francisco by Prentis Hemphill, Claude Marks & Isaac Ontiveros.

Thanks to Oriana Bolden for editing the clips.


This musical tribute in honor of Brother Geronimo ji Jaga who made his transition into the realm of the Ancestors in Tanzania, June 3, 2011 was created by some of East Africa's top artists including Akula 'Dunga' Akwabi; Fareed 'FidQ' Kubanda; Jacob 'JCB' Makalla; Charlotte 'Mama C' O'Neal; Lavosti; and Anwary Msechu of Kilimanjaro Film Institute. with additional drumming by Ras Noel. This collective effort was a a testament to the love and respect that so many had for G'!

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