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"Friends, enemies, comrades, pretenders, sisters and brothers; John Henry Bowman III has transcended to be with our ancestors. With his departure, the light of the world will shine less bright. In the pain of our sadness, remember not to forget, that he always answered the call to defend, serve and protect us.

"To the pretenders and their allies, the 'enemies of humanity,' beware! Celebrate at your own risk the silence of this warrior's courageous heart. Just know that the seeds of resistance to your agenda have been planted and nurtured by the example of his life."

– Committee for the Defense of Human Rights

More on the video

Legacy of Torture:
The War Against The Black Liberation Movement

Premiere showing of this new video by the Freedom Archives
Sunday, January 28, Noon, Roxie Cinema

Join the film makers and attorney Soffiyah Elijah in tribute to John Bowman (more on the video). Video participants Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones, and Harold Taylor were scheduled to appear but are now in jail – read more at

The people who tried to kill me in 1973 are here today, trying to destroy me. I mean it literally. People from the San Francisco Police Department who participated in harassment, torture and my interrogation in 1973. None of these people have ever been brought to trial, charged with anything, been questioned about that.
– John Bowman, former Black Panther, comrade & friend (1947-2006)

On Democracy Now, January 26, 2007, Amy Goodman broadcasts excerpts of the video and interviews attorneys for two of the former Panthers recently rearrested.

Remembering John Bowman

Also join us for an additional tribute to John Bowman later the same day: